Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Days

This summer is going to be structured at our house. We have been brain storming ideas and here's what we have so far. Please leave a comment with your ideas. I am looking for inspiration all the time.

- Each week is themed - Space week, art week, duct tape week, gardening, music Spanish, post office, how to use the library, animals, all about me, (we need 2 more ideas).

- Each day is themed - (this is what we do in the afternoon. It's also when we work on things for that weeks theme)

Masterpiece Monday - library, invent, create, art based ideas.
Take a trip Tuesday - park, museum, bike rides, field trips, picnic, friends house, movie, zoo, Yellowstone, Lagoon
Wet Wednesday - play in water, splash park, pool, water balloon fight, or slippin slide.
Anything goes Thursday - brain storm a list(we have cooking class as an idea so far)
Friday friend Day - everyone invites a friend over. This is a great way to protect family time.

- Every Morning -
We will do the following for 20 minutes each.
1. Read - library books & scriptures
2. Writing - journals, book reports(I pay my kids to write reports on long books), letters
3. Physical - ride bikes, walk, sit-ups, push-ups, jumpe rope, roller blade, etc.
4. Home - a have a long list of cleaning, 1x a week we'll deep clean for example clean under beds
5. Practice - musical instruments, baseball, or any new skill
6. School or Extras - if your kids don't like the idea of school call it extras.
We look up things on Youtube, Wikipedia, iPad games that are educational, wonderlist, work books, etc.

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