Sunday, June 14, 2009

An Array of Crafts

I took these photos and never posted them. I did some applique onesies for some friends having baby boys! They turned out really cute! I got the patterns for the guitar and tie from 'Trey and Lucy'. The rocket ship and octopus patterns are from 'Crap I've Made'

If you google bath bombs, there are a million cites that have a recipe for them. I decided to try my hand in making some for a 'Thank you' present. I just used cookie cutters and napkin rings for my molds. (Tip: make sure to take them out of the mold within a few minutes.) I waited and it was really hard to remove the mold and some wouldn't even come out.

I made these flowers for a friend. She wanted some cute hair barrettes for her 3 year old.

Medium: color pencils.
I did this for my nephews. I got some ideas off of Rosenberry Rooms. They turned out really cute.


Valerie said...

I was just thinking about appliqueing some onsies....did you just cut fabric and sew them on? Do the edges fray? You've got to tell me to trick, I'm dying to make some!

Brenbren said...
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