Monday, June 8, 2009

My story Part 1.....

I guess it's time to share my story. I have suffered from depression for about 4 years.

I had three major life changing events occur in a 3 month span in 2005.

1: I gave birth to my 1st child. It was a very difficult birth and I had been on bed rest for 2 months prior to his birth. I tend to believe that my insanity became in question while on bed rest;) Good thing he HAD to be born 4 1/2 weeks early.

2: I moved to another state. I didn't know ANYONE! I felt so alone and very home-sick I have never lived more than an hour from my parents. I have ALWAYS lived very close to family.

3. My husband started medical school. He was no longer home and he studied ALL THE TIME!

I had a very hard time adjusting. I knew no one, I had a brand new baby that I was learning to take care of, AND I only saw my spouse about 2-3 hours a day. This was including meal times.

An angel came into my life in the shape of a friend. She knew I was suffering and starting calling me every day. She took me places, hung out with me, exercised with me, and most of all, accepted me for just me. I found a new passion through her.... RUNNING. That is seriously therapy in motion. I trained for a 5 mile race and lost all of my baby weight. I found peace in it. My depression was held at bay if I stayed active. It still bothered me sometimes, but I found tools through my ANGEL/ FRIEND to compensate.


Andy Porter said...

How beautiful your story is! I can totally relate. I suffer from depression as well and it looks like we try and combat it in the same 2 ways...running and crafting. They are the things that keep me sane. I'm so glad you had a sweet angel friend to help you thru the that extremely tough time.

~Caro~ said...


I havent suffered from depression per se, but I do have General Anxiety Disorder and this has, of course, given me bouts of depression in my darkest, anxious days. I've now been anxiety-free for 2 years. Doing something creative, like scrapbooking or redecorating or refurnishing totally helps me! I should try running, at least I wouldnt be depressed about my weight anynmore! LOL!
I do wish I had a friend, like you do, though! Lately, I've realized that there were a couple of people that called themselves friends that totally AREN'T. I just thank God for my hubby, who's the best friend I could ever ask for!

BTW, I just spent some time on your blog: love it, I've added you to my google reader :)

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