Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Father's Day gift Idea

Father's Day or Papa's Day frame!!! A girl at my church made frames with vinyl. I didn't really care for the style, but the idea was cute! So, I made my own!

Here are some supplies you will need:
Stickers of your choice, frame, paint, paint brush, and Mod Podge.

I chose 2 different styles of stickers because I wanted to have the first letters in the names to be accented.

I got this frame for $1 at Michael's

I really wanted to paint the frame black and use white stickers, but REALLY, there was ZIP, ZERO, NADA stickers in white that I liked. I only had one to choose from!?! SOOOOOO, I painted mine white instead. BUT you can do yours any color you want.

So, I painted my frame with a matted finish. Then put the stickers on. You can do what ever saying you want or just put a bunch of different words on it. (It doesn't even have to be about Father's Day!)

To make the heart I took a lower case 'v' and put the number 8 on top of it and cut of the extra. Then I painted the middle black to match.

Then I Mod Podged the stickers on it. This gave the frame a glossy finish.

The frame had no glass in it (perfect for mailing) so I Mod Podged the photos to give them some extra protection.
I photo shopped the kid's names and faces out because I want to keep them anonymous!

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Dee said...

Hi BrenBren, I come from Poppies at Play and Creative Cats Tuesday. Your f'day frame is very cute and I'm sure the Papa will treasure it. I'm off now to delve into your archives for more of your craftyness

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