Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween Decor

I am getting really excited for Halloween. My friend, Natalie, is super amazing at decorating. Halloween just happens to be her favorite holiday. After I visited her, I decided to make a few items inspired by her decor. I am really excited about the way it turned out!

I just took an old frame and painted it black. I scanned some material I had at the house and used adobe and turned it antique. Then I added the Boo- font Papyrus. LOVE it

This one was really fun to do. I typed a bunch of definitions ex.: dwarf, ghost, goblin, witch, wizard, etc. I turned it sepia and printed it out. Then I wadded them up and tour pieces and mod podged it directly onto the front of the glass. My friend made the vinyl lettering for me.

Here is my home made decor all set up in my little niche!

I got the candle sticks at goodwill for $1.99 I spray painted it black and sprayed some glitter on it. I am totally loving the skeleton in the jar. That was another one of the ideas I got from my friend who shall be known as....... the decorating goddess!

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