Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reading Corner

I am an avid reader and have been slowly, yet deliberately, installing this love of words at a tender age for my children. My friend put it best:

"My tastes in reading are as diverse as my tastes in cheeses: I like a little (or rather, a lot!) of everything. There is nothing quite like the thick smell of pages and well-chosen words. However, aspiring to be a connoisseur of the written word comes with a price: once taken to that otherworldly place--meaning, living breathlessly between the pages of a book--one finds it difficult to take the journey with a sub-par writer.
This is why I've determined that my time is better spent reading books that matter. ..... My list of favorites is ever-evolving. But without question, I can say that these books are books that matter, because they speak to me, or at least did when I first read them."
---Kalie C.---

It is because of the love affair I am ever having within the pages of a novel that I created a reading corner for my children. I want this desire, this passion, this lust of the written word to seep into my children. For within the printed lines, one can take a journey to worlds that are otherwise unobtainable.

The question is, what can one do with a cranberry box from Costco and a book of scrapbook paper?

The answer is simple! Create a cute book holder! I just mod Podged the paper onto the box and sprayed a clear acrylic sealant onto it. I wanted it to be a little more durable sense the kids would be handling it. See the exhibit in red and pink! I had to post pone this blogging session to read 3 books!

Here it is from the rear.

I put the boxes on the lower two shelves so the kiddos could reach them!

Then I placed their bean bags next to it so they would have a cozy place to sit.

More importantly, is this comfy chair right next to the shelf that is on a swivel base. It can turn to be apart of the seating area of the living room or turn and become a reading sanctuary where I can easily reach the books with my two little buddies snuggled up on my lap.

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Katrina said...

That is a very great use of boxes and scrapbooking paper - I might just have to try that!!! My kids would love to have been bag chairs, but for now, they are stuck with what we have! I think that it is great to instil a love of reading into children, I do the same thing. Great post, and great blog!

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