Sunday, November 29, 2009

Birthday/Christmas Comes Early

I can't believe I haven't posted this yet! On Black Friday we checked out the Bernia store to see if they had any good sales on sewing machines. Guess what! THEY DID!!!!!
I got a new sewing machine that regularly sales for $1069 for a mere........ wait for it...... $799. This sewing machine is the mac-daddy of sewing machines. It has over 50 different styles of stitches, it does embroidery, surger stitch, self threading, it even does monograms, plus it even sews on a button, and it does so much more. Hubby's parents and my parents all chipped in money to make this the most amazing gift ever! I can't wait to put this puppy to use. I will be spending the morning reading the owner's manual. I am so giddy!
Hubby says this is all I get for my birthday and Christmas presents, I am a Decemeber baby! I am OKAY with that because I am in heaven!

It comes with this great cover that has large pockets for storage!

Here she is in all its glory! Hello gorgeous! I think I will name her Gigi!

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Pamela and Austin Matthews (and Family) said...

My mom has a Bernina that cost $10,000! Seriously, more than my first car! Holy smokes! But it is well worth it because she uses it every single day, all day long! She makes the most remarkable things-- bags, bookmarks, Christmas ornaments, crads- the embroidary is fantastic! She attends classes to learn about the machines too. So if you ever need any help, I can forward it on to her!

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