Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Before and After

Well, I am trying to decorate now that the holidays are behind us. Yesterday hubby helped me pack up all of the Christmas decor. I went to Wal-mart and all the Christmas storage bins were 50% off:) So, I bought one for each room. Next year when I put up my decor, I can take out one room at a time! Genius, I know!
Look how nice they look on the shelf. The box above it our Christmas tree. The kiddos wanted to decorate it so it would look better in the garage.

Remember these disastrous lamps I bought at a garage sale!?!

Well, I found some lamp shades that I like at Ross $4 each! Total cost per lamp was $4.50! YEAH! I think I will leave them like this for now because I like the simpleness of them.

It's the very top of the shelf that we are looking at. I didn't have a very good photo, Sorry. I had to crop off the bottom to focus on the top.


Not much change, but I used the vase somewhere else. I want some longer pieces of drift wood to stick out of the top and I would take a lot of the other stuff out, but I don't have drift wood. So for now it is going to look like this.

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