Saturday, December 12, 2009

No longer a tradition

I am a little torn with this because we have had this tradition for all 6 years of our marriage. And all 6 of those years was spent with one or both of us in school. When my hubby and I got married, we were both students. AKA not a lot of money and a extremely small apartment. We are talking 130 square feet MAYBE. There wasn't a lot of room for a Christmas tree, but I really wanted one. So, we taped 3 bamboo sticks together and wrapped lights and garland around it. Then we hung a few ornaments. It was small, but it was our non-traditional tree. I loved it. When we moved for medical school, we kept the tradition alive due to lack of funds.

This year I braved black Friday and bought a Christmas tree. I love it, but I am missing my bamboo tree that brought so much holiday cheer to our family.

I know there is a time to move on, especially considering that is wasn't stable and I have an 18 month old who would pull it over. I'm just reminiscing about the simplicity of those times. Even though we didn't have much financially, we still felt flooded with blessings and love. That bamboo tree represents the joy we found in the simple things in life.
I am now viewing my new Christmas tree as a symbol of growth and moving forward as we better our lives.

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