Friday, December 4, 2009

Putting Up Christmas

I am SLOWLY putting up more Christmas decor.
I switched the book to "Polar Express". Perfect for the kids play area.

Added a few Christmas things on my shelf. A nativity scene, my reindeer on skates, and some pine cones and poinsettias. I sprayed some cinnamon on the pine cones. The smell is DeLish!

I bought a wreath at the $1 store and added some berries and poinsettias (which I already had). I sprayed glitter all over it because I like things to "sparkle". I wrapped some ribbon around it and hung it on my door.

Sorry about the weird lighting, the sun was shining on my front step strangely, but I wanted to get the picture still. I am not really known for my photography skills!

See, PERFECT! It goes right with my garland around my door. Love it!

The kids helped deocrate the Christmas tree. They did a great job for their height.

Dad stepped in and finished it. Thanks honey!

I had a grapevine wreath that my sister gave me. I just added some few things I had lying around and created this little beauty. I hung this one on my door, but after seeing my nook before, I decided it needed to be here instead.



After I posted this, I realized my wreath was not centered. So, here is the centered version, much better!


sweetpicklesandchocolate said...

Everything look wonderful! Merry Christmas!


Michaelangelo said...

super crafty, as usual! I love everything and can't wait to come see your house sometime!! Thanks for the offer :)

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