Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Secrete Swap

I participated in a secrete swap! It's things you can't live without or do without, AKA another Santa Swap! My partner has a great ETSY shop. (RUN RUN RUN to her cite and you can get 2 patterns for the price of one! TODAY ONLY! Tell her I sent you!) She sent me 2 super great patterns she made herself from her etsy shop:

The Pod Swaddler: I can't wait to put this pattern to use!
You can keep their arms free. Perfect for a sweet baby who HATES having their arms tied down (my 2 kiddos were BOTH like that)

OR wrap their arms next to them! I love how the blanket will stay on them no matter what and they can't get their arms free.

Here's the one I made, but I didn't have a real baby to put in it;)

I did a decorative stitch around the whole thing. (click on the photo and you can see the stitch up close)

The better Burpie: I will be putting these to use soon! So if you are preggy and know me, pretend you never saw this! (Cough Cough, Steph, cough!)

She also sent me the adorable little leggings! My little gal has already worn them, so don't look too closely because they are in need of a wash;)

After looking at her etsy shop. I HAD to have this pattern, so I bought it!

This great bag opens up to this! You can carry their toys right in it!

Here is the one I made! Mine is a little smaller, but still AMAZING!

This is a close up of the inside fabric.

I am SOOOOO bummed! After I had a photo shoot with "The Scoop", I put it right into a puddle of hot cocoa. 3 spots! Seriously!?! Did I mention this is a present for some one? yep, it is. Now I have to wash it.

Come on! Really!?!


Criscell said...

I love that thing!! What a great idea! This blog of yours is so amazing, Brenda. Where do you get the time to do all you do?

jeremy and steph said...

Never saw it :)....but oh so cute! MK had really bad reflux too...let's hope things are different this time around!!...but you can never ever be too prepared :) You are so talented! I love all of your projects...you should do a craft night once a month or something :)

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