Thursday, January 14, 2010

Button Button Who's Got My Button

I have been taking a sewing course from Sun valley Quilts (where I purchased my machine). Hanging on the wall is the most unique quilt I have ever seen. The more I look at it, the more I like it.
Seriously people, check it out in real life. The photo does not do it justice. Go to:
Sun Valley Quilts
9857 West Bell Road
Sun City, AZ

(623) 972-2091

This particular piece is called, "Button Button Who's Got My Button"

It is a piece of art. It intrigues me and makes me want to keep looking. I wish the photo was better because there are so many different fibers, textures, colors, patterns, and stitches. She uses material that doesn't normally go on quilts. There are earrings, beads, Angelina fiber film, needle felting, and much more.
I decided I wanted to make one and hang it in my house, just using different colors because the colors here are not my taste.
The woman who makes these quilts, Betty Hahn, teaches a class too! Sad news! The class is on Sundays. DRAT! I emailed her to see if she would consider doing a class on a different day, so here's hoping she will! FINGERS CROSSED!

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