Monday, January 4, 2010

Bloody Mess

My daughter rolled off the couch and bit her lip. Her mouth filled with blood and it quickly spread to her clothing and the carpet. I have a little secret of how to get blood out of carpet, clothing, upholstery, anything! It is a miracle worker. Guess what. It's totally FREE!

All you do is spit directly onto the blood and let sit for a few seconds. The rub out. The enzymes in your spit break up the blood and it comes out.... COMPLETELY! BUT I have never tried it on blood stays that have been there for months or years. So, maybe someone could let me know if that works.

Now onto a Stocking Stuffer I bought for myself;) I found it at Big Lots, it was love at first sight!
See, the problem is hubby has tools, but he usually doesn't puts them away. I have to scour the whole house and garage to find what I need. Plus, his tools are so big. Now I have everything I need, right where it needs to be, and it's just the right size!

I put all my tools in this bag.

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