Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Test Runs

Well, I did a test run on designing a onesie. It failed miserably. I made a mess and the paint got everywhere. I finally just stopped so I wouldn't waste any more paint.

The back just globed all together and I didn't let it dry enough before I flipped it over so the paper stuck to it.

So I tried again, but instead of testing it on the same, ruined onsie, I used a new onsie. Brilliant, I know.
Test #2:
too much water this time because it bled into the material. CRAP!

Test #3:
This time I used the same onsie. I got a little smarter the 3rd time around! Still too much water.

On the same onesie, Perfect. I am now ready to try the really thing!

Final Product:

Back view!

I decided to add some purple ruffles on the bum! So cute!


Pamela and Austin Matthews (and Family) said...

Aww, that did turn out way cute! Good job! Seriously, why don't you open an etsy store?

Brenbren said...

I could and I am thinking about it, but I haven't set some time aside to set my shop up. Some day;)

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