Monday, March 1, 2010

All in a Days Work

Let me show you what we have been up to. Hubby had Saturday off and we made good use of his free time:)
We did some much needed yard work. Here is the left overs of our labor. All of those boxes are filled with bark. Except the green diaper box, it is full of all the weeds I cleared out.

Here is another stray box that is in the garage. It is ready to be moved out front for bulk trash day.

This whole area had bark (we have been told having bark next to our house attracts termites) and the dirt slopped towards the house.  So, we raked it all up. Hubby and my son dug it all up and replaced the dirt so it sloped away from the house now. As you can see, it has become a great digging place for my son! Next Saturday will bring more work and more surprises to this area!

This area was horrible, but easy to clean up!  I'm thinking herb garden. What do you think?

This had lots of weeds too. I cleaned it out.
I also took all the weeds out around the outside of the yard.

BUT, it was hard work getting all the summer grass out, so here is a section that I just sprayed weed killer on.

Now, I have to tackle this area! UGH! This is what the above areas looked like that I weeded;) I know, we let it go too long, but oh well.

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Michaelangelo said...

Oh Brenda I am so intensely jealous of your green grass. And weeding. and yardwork. A few more months, then the warmth will finally make it's way up here... I hope. Your yard is looking great!

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