Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

I wanted to do something inspiring and creative for Easter Sunday. I didn't try very hard, but oh well. BUT then I remembered something that could be fun, at least for people who know my mom.
My mom has terminal lung cancer, never smoked a day in her life. We don't know how long she will be on this earth with us. I decided to wanted to tell you about all the great Eater memories I have because of my amazing mom.

Every Easter we would wake up and the living room floor would be covered in wrapped candies of all varieties. We always got an outfit and a toy. I would look forward to seeing what cute new cloths I would get.
One year the "Easter Bunny" hide my basket. I couldn't find it anywhere. My sister and I thought we didn't get one. She eventually found hers, but I didn't. I started crying, for sure the Easter Bunny had left me out. My sisters went outside into the garage and I followed them. What to my wondering eyes did appear, but an Easter basket with my name on it:) Silly bunny, he must have put it down to get in the door when his hands were so full and forgot;)
Another time, I got side walk chalk and my mom helped me draw a hop scotch game and she taught me how to play hop scotch.
I think the most memorable was last year when my son was 3. We spent it at my mom's house because there was a big possibility the cancer had spread to her brain and stomach and I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. It was just my son, my parents, and me (hubby was in school and couldn't get it off).  We dyed Easter eggs and my son had so much fun. His hands were dyed for the rest of the week.
My mom the Easter Bunny sprinkled candy all over the floor just like she he use to for us when I was a kid. She added a few extra things into his basket that she had found and knew he would love. It was so precious watching my son running and squealing around the room. He found all the eggs and said, "that silly Easter Bunny hid all the eggs Nana."
We live in a different state than my parents and they have not been able to see my son grow up. Our trips home have been few and far between. It was really special for my parents to spend one on one time with my little man on Easter. It is a moment I won't forget:)

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