Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pillow Bag Tutorial

The moms in this area have "Music Makers" every Friday for the kids. We get together and sing, dance, dance with balls, musical instruments, scarfs, and a parachute. As you can imagine, the supplies get used A LOT! When the bags gave out, the girls came to me for help! Both bags together took me about 20 minutes to finish:)
The bag the balls were in tore. Using an old pillow cover, I made a bag for the balls.

Here is my old pillow cover. I took the old pillow form out/

Then stitch down both left and right sides because it is probably only basted.

fold your coordinating fabric in half length wise

Sew edges together.

Now it's time to make the casing for the rope. Fold over (length veries depending on what size of rope or cord you use) I did mine 1 inch. Then fold over 1 inch again.

On the opposite side, make 2 markings where you want the button holes to go.

unfold it and sew the button holes where you marked.

Fold again 1 inch then fold 1 inch again the whole way around. Make sure to leave a hole in the back to thread the rope through.

Thread your rope through the hole you left open and out the button holes in front. Tie a knot so it won't come out.

With right sides together and the rob side facing toward the bottom...

Sew the 2 pieces together

Flip the bag right side out.

Fill it with balls or what every you want!

Then let your daughter drag the bag around.

The parachute bag ripped down the side.

I cut a piece of material about 3 inches bigger than the torn bag. Then, I just sewed up both sides and made a casing for the top rope to go threw.

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