Thursday, June 17, 2010

BCC Sew Along Part 2

Well, was yesterday rough!?! Did you get your pattern made?

Today we will cut the pieces out and start the ruffle bottom.

So, from your main fabric (3 yards)
Cut out all your pieces. Make sure to cut out 2 inside arms and 2 outside arms. The inside arms should be slightly smaller because they will be sewn into the seat.

For the ruffle bottom (1 yard) You need to cut out 4 strips that are 9 X width of fabric. Sew strips end to end.

Finish the bottom edge by either surge the edges and turn over 1/4 inch press, and sew. OR turn 1/4 inch press, turn 1/2 inch press and sew.

To gather the material, I usually have my tension set at 4, but I turn it all the way up. I increase my stitch length as far as it will go.

 Then I start sewing.

That's it for today. Tune in tomorrow and we will start sewing the cover together!

Part 1

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