Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Booster Chair Cover Sew Along Part 1

Booster Chair Cover Sew Along will from this point forward be known as BCC Sew Along.
Today we are going to be making the pattern. That's it!!!!

If you need clarification, leave me a comment and I will help you along.

I have a safety 1st booster seat. I realize everyone won't have the same chair, but modify the directions to fit your chair. If you need help modifying, tell me what chair you have and I will help you. Also, the way I am teaching you to make this, the tray will no longer attach. You will have to modify it to be able to attach the tray.

Take the chair apart!
***If your chair does NOT come apart,then you will need to use the instructions for making a pattern at the end of this post***

I just used the opposite side of wrapping paper for this part. Lay the pieces out.

When tracing around the pieces, add a seam allowance all the way around. Remember we are tracing a 3D object. So trace wide to allow fabric to wrap up and over the 3D object. Labeling the pieces as you go.

For the side arms. This will be the outside piece.

For the inside piece, don't go around the entire piece, stop where the seat connects. I put a pen where my seat connects.

Trace the back of chair and seat.

For the front of chair, lay the main body down and mark just the width of the back (from one arrow to the other arrow). Make your marks like shown in the picture.

Remove the seat from paper and connect the lines.

For the arms turn the body of seat onto it's side.

The piece should look like this once traced.

Cut your pieces out. You should have 6 pattern pieces now.

***Directions for booster that doesn't come apart***
Take your wrapping paper and cover the entire chair. Make sure to push to form a 'mold' of the chair. the sides should be completely covered too.

Now trace the entire chair shape. Continue until you have traced the entire chair. Label your pieces then cut the pieces out.

When you are cutting your pieces out from the material, you will have to add a seam allowance around the entire piece.

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