Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Still Here

Yes, I know my posts have been sporadic, but I am getting my home in a little more order and it takes time when you have 2 kiddos to chase after. BUT, my 2 year old is potty training herself. She has gone both #1 and #2 on the toilet this week. She tells us when she wants to sit on the toilet, sometimes she will go and sometimes she won't. The only thing I have done is make the toilet available for her when ever she feels like she needs to sit on it:)
Now, here is the nitty gritty, I will be posting a lot less until I get my home organized. I need order in my life to help with stress. It is no secrete that I have struggled with depression (I am pretty sure I can no longer call it post partum depression now that my daughter is 2). Having clutter and being unorganized is wearing on me. So PLEASE be patient with me. This is something I really must do for myself and my family. Thanks for understanding.

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Rebecca said...

I know exactly what you mean- I have been having such a summer --- cleaning out the clutter and it feels good. So think and insert here whatever words of encouragement you need. Take time you need; while you organize take time to be still and listen to your heart; know there are others who understand.

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