Thursday, September 2, 2010

Double sided Super Hero Cape

*****Before I go any further I must remind you that selling anything made from this tutorial with these logos is a huge copy write violation.  These are for personal use only.*****

Are you ready to get started!?! First things first, you will need to print out 2 of each logo. Click on the picture and then print.

Now for the fun part, making the cape pattern. I might eventually make a pattern for the neck line that you to download.

So here is what I did. You draw this basic shape.

Using the logos, cut out the shapes. Cut out the larger yellow background first, then cut out the black bat and red "S".

Sew the yellow background on first.

 Then sew the bat and S on top. When I was doing the bat, I sewed it one first. I found it wasn't as smooth as when I sewed the yellow background onto the cape first.

With RST sew around the entire cape. Make sure to leave an opening for turning. Clip all curves and round edges.

Using velcro prevents chocking. I used iron-on-velcro so I did this step last. BUT if you are sewing it on, do it now. Make sure to leave enough room for seam allowance.

 Press seam out. Top stitch around the entire cape.

Now go put that cape on your little man and take pictures.

Here is the one I made for my daughter. Tune in tomorrow for details! Please share pictures of you capes. I would LOVE to see them!

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Heather said...

I have my capes up in my Etsy shop now:

I googled "double sided cape" to see what I could BUY for my kids, but then I saw your nifty tutorial and thought I might give it a whirl! I changed the design a bit because of my skill level (I'm a newbie!), but the finished product is sooo stinkin' cute! Thanks for the inspiration!!

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