Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Tour of India

(Taj Mahal)

We have a few delicious Indian Restaurants here, BUT they are a little more expensive (like Cheesecake Factory expensive). 

I have been trying to find recipes to make it myself and I have found a delicious Naan recipe. I used a recipe I found and changed the cooking directions a little to get the taste I wanted.

1 pkg active dry yeast (2 tablespoons)
1 cup warm water
1/4 cup white sugar
3 tablespoons milk
1 egg beaten
2 teaspoons salt
4 1/2 cup flours
2 teaspoons minced garlic (optional)

Dissolve yeast into water and 1/8 cup of sugar. Let sit until frothy. Stir in remaining 1/8 cup sugar. Add milk, egg, salt, and flour. Kneed 6-8 minutes. Put in greased bowl and cover with a damp cloth. Let rise for 1 hour.
Punch down, need in garlic if desired. Pinch into small golf sized balls. Place on a tray and cover with cloth. Let rise 30-40 minutes.
Using hands, flatten balls until about 1/4 inch thick. Sprinkle a little garlic salt on top (optional).
You can either grill them or use your George Forman. (Do NOT cook in oven) Cook until golden brown. Brush olive oil on both sides.

For the main course:)

I have FINALLY found a great Chicken Tiike Masala recipe, which happens to be my favorite at our local Indian Restaurant.This recipe gives the restaurant a run for it's money and that's saying something.

You can get the recipe HERE from Food for Thought. The following is a list of ingredients you will need.

1 cup plain yogurt
1 T. lemon juice
2 t. cumin
1 t. cinnamon
½ t. cayenne
1 t. black pepper
1 T. minced fresh ginger
2 t. salt
½ t. curry powder
1 t. garam masala

1/2 t. turmeric (optional)
pinch of cloves
3 boneless skinless chicken breasts cut into bite size pieces

1 T. butter
1 large annaheim pepper, diced (if you like more heat, use a jalapeno instead)
1-2 shallots, diced
1 clove garlic, minced
2 t. cumin
1 t. paprika
½ t. cardamom
2 t. garam masala (you can buy it HERE or HERE)
pinch cloves
16 oz. can tomato sauce
2 cups cream
¼ chopped fresh cilantro

Also, this is a 500 page recipe book that has everything you could possibly want to try. My sister says so far everything they have tried is AMAZING! On sale for $5 at Boarders ($40 at

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