Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Puzzles in a Tin

So, if you caught my blog swap yesterday, you saw THIS little tote tutorial I did on "Expect Moore".

I made some "quiet" puzzles to put in the totes to take to our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I also see an adorable personalize "paper dolls" here. Mod Podge picture of child directly to the inside of tin. Take pictures of out fits or draw them (laminate them) Then, let your child switch out the outfits.


laminated picture slightly smaller than your tin (You can use any picture. Mine are specifically for church so I used pictures of Christ)

magnetic strips

hinged tin (the size I used is 5/8 thick  5 1/4 inch wide   7 1/2 inches long)

I made a copy of the laminated picture and scaled it down. Then I modged it onto the tin so the kids would have a guide for their puzzle.

Draw puzzle pieces on back of picture. I used THIS clip art (from clkr.com) as a guide and just free handed it.

Cut your pieces out. Then put a piece of the magnetic strip on back.

Put the puzzle pieces into the tin and you are good to go!


Missy said...

Brenda, this is a great idea. I will have to make one for my nephew. I love the paperdoll idea too. I made Jacoby a flip book with his different outfits that is similar. So many great ideas on here!

Pamela and Austin Matthews (and Family) said...

Where did you get the tin? I LOVE this idea! I am ALWAYS looking for more ideas of things to bring to church!

A Creative Dream... said...

Brenda...not only did I catch it, I saw it on Craft Gossip! Congrats! Looks like you have been up to all kinds of creative fun!! You go girl!

Tess said...

Fabulous idea. Now where to find the tin.

artsy_momma said...

Such a neat idea!

Kelly said...

I love this idea. I actually went out to see if I could find tins similar but couldn't find anything. Please do share where you got your tins from

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