Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have another outdated pattern from my mom. My first thought was the collar had to go and so did the split in the dress.

I have been working on this dress for a long time. I would sew a little bit then forget about it for days, then work on it again, etc. Well, yesterday I decided to just buckle down and finish it. This would be an easy alteration into a princess dress. With the right materials and accents, you would have yourself a Halloween costume.

 I also finished a skirt for myself. I started it and needed to find a good shirt to go with it. I finally found 2 shirts that I love and I am excited to wear this baby to church.

One sassy black shirt with gems around the collar,

Or this gray shirt that I fixed.

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Our Family said...

You are so good. Very Cute!


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