Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Small Investments

Lets have a chat about small investments with big pay offs.

We will start with 2 wall lights that look like this. Old, brass, outdated, and don't give off a lot of light.

Small investment ($28 for 2). Big pay off because now my house is a little more updated and I have more light in the halls. 

And old brass door handle with lots of sun damage and didn't match the black dead bolt. (hubby threw it away before I got a picture).  But I did find this picture. It's note good and I had to play with the lighting and exposure for the handle to show up, but you can get the idea. Click on the photo and you will see it a little better.

$100 for matching handle that looks a lot nicer for first impressions;) Next to do, paint door and frame.

A new welcome mat $12.

2 Old brass motion detectors. The sun had totally fried them. The motion detectors no longer worked and they just looked offal. Go on, click for a close up.

$50 for 2 and my house looks light a whole different building:)

 That is what I have been doing, rewiring, using power tools, and using band-aids.

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Shane and Kim said...

How fun, it looks fabulous.

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