Monday, January 31, 2011

Sewing Blues

I am feeling a little ticked. I spent a long time sewing up one if these wonderful things from a pattern I made. You can wear it 4 different ways.

My friend hand something like this but she paid $150. She walked to the park breastfeeding her baby while pushing her toddler in a stroller. She said she did the dishes, vacuumed, and cleaned her house while breastfeeding. My eyes bulged out of my head at this point. I knew I had to have one. It is like a Mie Tai sling, but a little more modern. It is comfortable enough to carry a toddler in. I paid $28 for fabric and supplies.

After I was completely finished, I decided to try it out on my daughter. I quickly realized I had switched the straps. The long ones were suppose to go on top and the short ones where suppose to go on bottom.

Here is a blurry close up of how I secured the straps on. Plus, I sewed RST then flipped it out and top stitched it closed. Yes, I had to pick through all of that to fix my $%^(*& mistake.

I screamed, pouted, and threw the dum thing on a chair and walked away. A few hours later, I grabbed a seam ripper and got to work. It took about 10 minutes to get one strap out. I was so frustrated that I had to walk away again. The next day, I did another strap. I sewed those 2 straps back on in the correct place and walked away. Yesterday, I unpicked the other 2 straps and sewed them into place. It took 1 hour to fix a mistake that took me only 25-30 minutes to make. Those are the sewing blues I have experienced lately. UGH! But at least I got it fixed and can now secure my 2 year old comfortably on my back for a hike.


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Wow! You're so awesome, when I make mistakes like that I barely ever get it fixed, I just figure out something else, because I hate hate hate going back to fix mistakes, especially when they take so long.

dthneece said...

I can feel your pain. It came out beautifully though! Nice fabric choice and amazing savings $!!!

Shane and Kim said...


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