Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Organizing Toys

I have been trying to get the kid's toys more organized. I bought a bunch of plastic storage bins from Dollar Tree. I whipped out my Cricut and cut out the labels for all the bins. I spent some time weeding the vinyl and putting it onto the bins. Then I helped the kids put the toys into the bins. Here is my finished result.
(Legos, Army, Bullets)

I was really excited because the kids were so excited to put away their toys:) YEAH! A little later my son comes to me holding one of the bins and says, "mommy, what does this say?" CRAP!!!!

All those beautifully labeled bins are pretty much worthless because neither one of my kids can read then! HA! Back to the drawing board. On my to do list this week: making some pictures to go along with those labels.

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R said...

I took a photo of a dinosaur and a lion and stuck it to the front of the bin labeled 'animals'. And so on with the 'guys' (for Rescue Heroes & other human looking things) and 'transportation' for the Hot Wheels and trains. Wish I would have taken a photo of my son PUTTING the toys in the bin, maybe that would remind him what they are for. LOL

BTW I love the one labeled 'bullets'. I find those darn things everywhere!!!!

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