Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Cheapest way to Organize is.........

I found these great bins at Dollar Tree. You will see them again in more of my organizing projects (including a craft room reveal in the future).

You ever notice when you stare at a word to for a long time (like when choosing the perfect font) it starts to look weird and you second guess yourself about the spelling? Well, maybe I am the only one, but when I was typing baking into photoshop, I had that happen.

This was genius on my behalf because the baking stuff always spills in my cupboards, especially powdered sugar. So this will keep the spills contained and make clean up a lot easier.

Here is the before of a cupboard that just couldn't stay organized. The problem is the wire racks that are so deep you forget everything that is in them. AND they made it hard to see what was behind.

AFTER: $1 bins with lids! PERFECT!  So, I will eventually get around to making some cute little vinyl lettering for my bins that say "beans and rice" & "Nuts"

I want to add 1 more bin on the top that will say, "kid snacks" but I need to make another trip to Dollar Tree.

I organized it so tallest was in back and shortest in front. Makes my life a lot easier because I am not extremely tall (5'6 in case you are wondering)

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