Friday, April 15, 2011


Just a friendly reminder that if you want a printable you have seen here, just double click on the image then drag it to your desktop:) I am eventually going to make them so if you click on them they will immediately start to download.

My church had Super Saturday and here is the treasures I brought home:) We got three free. So I made this one for me.
 And these 2 for my daughter.

Then I paid $1.50 for the rest of these. These are going to my nieces. I am really excited to give it to them. My mom and sister helped make them. (the 2 on the right say love and hope)
 Here is the three on the left from above. The gems were covering the words. (Left 2 right: love, smile, dance)


The Matthews Family said...

Boo! So sad I missed that!

Roxanne said...

How did you make them?

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