Saturday, April 16, 2011

Landscaping Boo Boo's

We purchased a shamel ash to replace the ficus that was killed in the AZ frost. I was ticked because we lost $800 worth of plants. So, I insisted we get something more hearty. This is not our tree, but this is what it will look like. A great extremely fast growing shade tree. It can double it's size in about a year. We also got 4 bottle brush bushes for the back. They are gorgeous and attract humming birds!

Hubby spent 1 1/2 days digging out 5 tree stumps. A big tree in front and 4 tree bushes in back. It was hard work, but saved us loads of money. We borrowed our friend's truck and brought home the tree thinking we would plant it ourselves sense the hole was already dug.  Well, they used a tractor to load the tree, so obviously it is heavy. Hubby thought he could use some ramps and a dolly to get it out of the truck. So he put some wooden boards up.
I, being the rocket scientist that I am, decided to sit on one of the boards to test it out because it didn't look like it would hold the weight. It snapped in half as soon as I sat down. I got whip lash from smacking my head on the tail gate and being whipped forward with a lot of force. I also got a huge bruise on my scapula from hitting the tail gate, and an even bigger bruise on my butt from landing on some rather sharp rocks.
I limped into the house holding my butt. The pain was better when hubby asked me to help him. This time he was using steal beams. I was up in the back of the truck holding a tow rope to prevent the tree from going down the ramp to quickly for hubby. Well, the ramp buckled under the weight and the tree crashed down, yanking me with it. My already soar neck got even soarer and a wrist that was previously injured got a very startling wake up call. At that point I said, "Sorry, but I am done, ask a neighbor to help you. I am in too much pain."
A neighbor saw us and came over without us asking and helped hubby put the tree into the ground! THANKS! Hubby, thinking he would be nice, decided to top off the truck before returning it. A "guardian angle" or a woman was at the gas pup across from him said, "Isn't that truck diesel?"
CRAP!!!! He had started putting in unleaded gas. Don't worry, it was only 0.3 gallons. We called a car repair shop and asked what to do and they said that sense the truck was already full and he had put so little in it, that it was fine. Whoops, and a close call. So, needless to say, I hate the freaking tree! I think this new tree was testing how hardy we are.

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Angela said...

Wow that is crazy Brenda!! I hope all of your injuries are feeling better and that your new tree grows fast and makes up for its rudeness!!

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