Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting Organized

I have a secrete, I am not very organized:) Oh, what, if you have been reading this blog long, then you already know that. But I am trying.
Here is something you may or may not know about me, I heart checklists. Like can't go anywhere, do anything, think straight, get a lot of satisfaction from checking things off, HEART them. When my mom came to visit, guess what we did the first day she was here? I made her sit down with me and we made a list of everything she wanted to do. Then I broke it down into days so we could check them off as we went. My mom was a good sport.

I seriously don't know what happened. When I was single, first married, then 1 child, I was really organized. I think I bordered on the obsessive clean. 2 kids later and a battle with depression and I am struggling. So, the daily grime and house cleaning can be a daunting task in a 2000 square foot home + yard when I previously was in a small 1100 square foot apartment.

A checklist of cleaning, right up my alley. So, I made myself a printable using THIS one from Iheart Organizing.

They are no longer available for free, but she made some changes and now charges a very reasonable price for them in her etsy store.

I changed mine so it was a weekly schedule and added things that apply to my family. I printed the quarterly on the back.

I have lots of more organizing things coming up, but I am a big fan of IHEART Organizing. Go check her out. I promise you won't be disappointed!


The Matthews Family said...

I love checklists too! I use a cleaning checklist from They charge as well (I think it was $8 for a list for the whole year), but I felt like it was worth it for a clean home! You have the same small little chores every day (make your bed, unload the dishwasher, etc), but then you have to do 2-5 other different chores each day. For instance, for my "extra" chores today I vacuumed the front rooms, cleaned the refrigerator doors, cleaned the toilets, and restocked the toilet paper. Not too much work at all (usually takes me 10-30 minutes), yet my house usually always looks clean (minus kid toys of course)! : )

iheartorganizing said...

Awww - such a sweet shout out! I am so grateful! Thanks so much!

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