Monday, April 25, 2011


I feel like venting today. You know why!?! Because a stupid doctor won't let me fill my perscription for prozac and I the earliest appointment I can get is may 8th. It has been a week and still no meds. He actually refused to refill it until I came in again because it had been 4 months sense he has seen me. REFUSED!?!?!  I am FREAKING out because
#1: it is a huge no no to go off this type of meds cold turkey and that is exactly what this doctor has done to me.
#2: Last time this happened I attempted suicide.
#3: I have to find a new doctor
#4: I am having serious depression right now and I am scared and still no medication!!!

WHERE IS THE FREAKING accountability!?!?!?!?!?! It ticks me off that he doesn't care that I have run out of medication.

While we are on the subject. I hate it when you call or email someone and they never respond back. That really ticks me off. It bugs me. It really bothers me because I am left wondering if you got my message and should I contact you again. I give you 2 chances and if you don't respond within a week you should be black listed to the do not contact EVER list. (please don't take this personally, I am just having a terrible day and feeling very depressed).

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I have to tell you something. Many people ask me questions but leave me no way of contacting them. So, to prevent me causing the same frustration a lack of response causes me, I need you to do something for me.

Go HERE and do exactly what this tutorial tells you to do. Then I will always be able to respond back and you can rest easy knowing I have received your comment. FYI: I get an email every time someone comments on my blog so I really do read them. I heart comments. So, please help a girl out so she won't be doing one of her biggest pet-peeves to the people she loves:)


Carolina said...

Hi hon! I have a brother with serious mental illness, and I have POA for him and have dealt with his meds, doc, etc... so I know a lot of what you're going through.

First, if you can... don't really freak out. I'm sure you know that can make it worse. With my bro, when he has lapses, we try to encourage the behavior that helps relax him - long walks and long showers work for him. I'm sure you know what works best for you.

Second, you're right that now would be an excellent time to find a new doctor. Maybe they can get you in sooner, so you can get your Rx filled. Also, if your doc is making you wait that long, he's no longer on "your side." My bro has had docs that were not on "his side" anymore... in his case it was often that he missed several appointments, and the doctor didn't want to take responsibility for the care of someone who wasn't taking responsibility for their own care by showing up when they were supposed to. It can put their license at risk. I'm not saying that this is the case with you... just that if your doc isn't cooperating... it is time for a new doc.

Lastly - have you checked with the pharmacy? If you've been getting your Rx filled at the same place for a long time, sometimes they'll cover an emergency refill for a couple days until you can get to the doctor (unless it is a controlled substance... and I don't know if the one you have is).

In any case... I feel for ya! Hopefully, with the support of your hubby and kids, you can get through this without too much trauma!

Kimberly said...

I have left messages for about 10 people and have heard nothing back this month. I probably have done that to you but hopefully you know my memory is perfect but my recall is broken down. HeeHee I was actually starting to think my phone wasn't working. Love ya and hope you can get to the doctor soon.

Anonymous said...

ask dr for enough med to get you to your next appointment

ask pharmacist to contact dr for enough meds til next appointment

go SIT in the doctor's office and ask them in person why they would want you to have withdrawal from a medicine that has a strict warning about stopping abruptly

go to the ER and tell them you are suicidal because you don't have your meds

call the suicide hotline -- they may be able to help you

hold on and remind yourself that you can make it through this

motivate yourself by imagining how good it will feel to tell this doctor why you will no longer be a patient and how nice it will be to have a doctor who actually cares about you after you change

Wishing you well
---been there

The Matthews Family said...

Grr! My doctor took me off of my meds cold turkey... I don't know if he didn't KNOW not to do that or what. Because he is normally a FANTASTIC doctor. That time was darker than even my pre-meds time. I so hope you get your new meds soon! I've been there and I live right down the road, so if you need ANYTHING (even to just vent), please call me!!!

Heather said...

That is ridiculous about the meds. I can relate to depression I am a disabled housewife with many health issues, beleive me I understand you. And yes please seek another doctor that is awful he can't at least give you half a bottle to hold you to next visit.

I enjoyed visiting your blog today :)


cln714 said...

Hi there. I've been following your blog for some time now.. but have never left a comment until now. I was lead here by the free printables (I used the "all you need is love" one for a couple of Christmas gifts last year) Thank you. Funny thing is, what really drew me in right away was the name of your blog and the very calming pic. I just resently came across your posts on depression (not sure how I missed that before) and now it all makes sense. Also, I have suffered from an anxiety disorder since I was about 18, I'm 39 now. As I'm sure you know, depression and anxiety kinda go hand in hand. It's difficult to be cheerful when you literally feel like the world is coming to an end. I've been on meds most of the this time and I was outraged to read this post. I usually take my medicine around noon and if I don't, by 1pm I can start to feel withdrawl symptoms. If I miss even a day, it messes my mind up for a few days. Luckily my Dr and pharmacist are really good about making sure that doesn't happen. So, I wanted to say - I hear ya sister!! But mostly I wanted to say, crafting is good therapy for me and I really LOVE your blog. It's on my list of go-to blogs on crafting and I'm pretty selective about that. :)

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