Monday, May 16, 2011


I have been trying to get 2 spare rooms organized. I am not going to give you the original Before picture because I am that embarrassed. Let's just say it was.....very unorganized. I have already started to organized and de-junk a little bit. I want to turn this into my daughter's room. I have been using it as a guest / craft room. This is a glimpse into my planning process.

First off I had to empty the drawers. That was easier then I anticipated because a lot of the stuff just needed to be tossed or donated. I have accumulated a lot of free supplies from kind individuals.  I put what I wanted or would use into these little containers from the Dollar Tree.

I had originally stuffed the rest of the "I am eventually going to use these" supplies into these drawers. BUT, instead of hanging on to them longer and never getting around to using it, I made a big box full of supplies that I donated. I plan to make a runner for the top of the chest of drawers and change the decor that is more appropriate for a little girl.

I need something to organize the crafting papers, scissors, cutters, glue, embellishments, and buttons. I am not really sure what to use. I want something that is portable and has lots of compartments. I am thinking something like THIS


This closet was stuffed full of crap  forgotten craft supplies. I gave a lot away to friends, sold a few things, gave a huge box to freecycle and another huge box to Goodwill. Those 2 bags are waiting to go to Goodwill. Now guests and my daughter have 1/2 of a closet to hang clothing up in. The other half is food storage.

On my to do list: find another place to store the pack-n-play and computer box. AND......

hang some curtains, AND......

make a bedspread and a bed skirt. This quilt is special to me. It is way too small for the bed,  but the bed looked boring without it. I added this lap quilt just to make me feel better about the room.

I have plans for decor for above the bed too.

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The Matthews Family said...

Where did you get the little cubbies with the canvas baskets? Those would be great for toy storage!!!

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