Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I had a session with my councilor and seriously had an awaking. I am use to be a perfectionist (power of positive thinking). No one is perfect, so naturally, with the perfectionism comes the anxiety and stress of having to perform and never quite measuring up. I realized that things I expect myself to be "perfect" at were causing me anxiety because I couldn't do it perfectly. There are ALWAYS dishes to do, cloths to fold, kids to feed, messes to clean up, bathrooms to scrub, etc. I wasn't able to keep it perfect so it frustrated me. No wonder I had so much stress and anxiety over the little things in life. Subconsciously I was beating myself up for the repeated failures. I was setting myself up to fail in everything. So, I fired the perfectionist in me and reassigned her to focus on being a happy mom.  I am allowing 'her' to enjoy motherhood and all the ups and downs that come with it. The dishes may not get done right away, so what!?! The laundry may not get folded for a couple of days, big deal! All she is only allowed to find joy in every phase of motherhood, to love her husband and children unconditionally, and enjoy every moment she has to spend with those she loves.
I know the exact moment I began thinking as a perfectionist. It was when I was a child during some family drama that I won't get into. My little girl mind thought she was single-handedly responsible for my families emotional well being. That is what I have learned of myself. I hope you have been able to learn from this and find more joy in life.

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