Friday, June 3, 2011

Do Not Mix

Why baking and blogging do not mix.

Another thing that doesn't mix is fruit in a trash can that hasn't been emptied for 10 days.
When I was gone for 10 days, hubby was working crazy long hours 5:30am-7 or 8pm. He would literally come home and fall into bed. Needless to say, the trash never got taken out and there was some apple cores in it. When I got home, hundreds of fruit flies came zooming out. UGH!

Not to worry. I have almost gotten rid of all of them. There are still a few smart little bugs flying around, but they will be dead sooner or later:)

So this is what I did to catch my fruit flies. I googled it and decided this would be the best method and it really has been.

I got a mason jar and put about 1 1/2 inches of apple cider vinegar (I read balsamic works great too). I covered the jar with saran wrap and put a rubber band around the ring. Then I poked a few holes right in the middle with a fork. Don't get by edges because then they can crawl out. The fruit flies are attracted to it, crawl in, but can't get back out and eventually drown in the vinegar. No more annoying pests! (I realize there are those out there that may find this cruel, but I just want to say I have no problem killing hundreds of fruit flies in my home because they are a nuisance).

Not that you want to see the picture, but I am going to show you anyway so you will see how well it works. Literally with in 1/2 half hour I had caught loads of these pests! This is a picture of it after 24 hours. My work here is done! I might make a little cover so you don't see the dead bugs. hhmmmm, yes, I think I will.

Yep, much better. Just a strip of fabric tide on, nothing fancy, but looks much better! I think this might be on my counter all summer long to keep these pests under control.

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Seams Inspired said...

I loathe fruit flies, and have used the vinegar method of catching/killing them. Love your cover! The gingham adds a rustic flair to your fly trap. ;) Happy Friday! :o)

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