Saturday, June 4, 2011

Honey Butter

This recipe makes a ton.  I got it from a cooking class.  In the photo above the white stuff in the middle is the honey butter, the left light pink is honey butter I added half a jar of seedless jam too and about 1/4 of a cup of the strawberry sauce that you can see on the far right. We always make puffy french toast when we are camping over memorial day, for my husbands family.  We put the yummy caramel syrup, honey butter, or strawberry sauce on them.

Honey Butter
by: Home Run Recipes

1 lb of Butter (use real butter so there is less water)
7 oz. of Marshmallow Creme
40 oz of Creamed or Spun Honey (my husband prefers it a little crunchy so we don't use spun or creamed honey, it melts on hot food so you can't tell anyway.)

Put all ingredients in a mixer and mix well.  

FLAVORED HONEY BUTTER:  Take 1/4 the honey butter you just made above and add 1/2 a jar(or 1 cup) of any flavored jam.  We use seedless jams.  You can add 1 cup of pie filling. Or you can add both the jam and pie filling mixing flavors. 

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