Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fire Pit

We've had alot of people lately ask when we were going to start on our yard.  FYI that is not what you ask someone who is doing all their landscaping themselves in a  new yard.  My husband spends every spare minute working and he has done a ton.  I just laugh because all anyone can see is that we have no grass.  They don't see the 60 trees we've planted, the dirt piles we've moved, dirt that has been smoothed, shed we added, cement, etc.   It doesn't make us mad we think it's funny.  I would almost bet that years ago I asked someone when they were going to start on their yard, not realizing how much work a new yard takes. What goes around comes around.
This past weekend I heard a story about a family that finished their yard, laid sod and before it could root a big rain storm came and washed it all down the hill into the river behind them.  I wanted to cry, and throw up because we know how much work and money that cost.

Here's our fire pit we've added.


This picture looks like we have gravel all around the firepit, but it's crushed travertine and granite.  
To give you an idea of how much time things take notice in the 1st picture the hay field in the back has just been cut.  In the last picture it's green and ready to be cut again.

Hope we can teach our children the value of hard work.

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