Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is that Mine!?!

Is this really my kitchen!?! Say what!?! I think it is!

So, hubby and I have officially made some upgrades to the kitchen. We bought new appliances off of Craigslist. And replaced the counter tops. They look like granite, but they are just laminate.

This shot was before we moved in. We put the overhead microwave in really quickly so I wanted you to get the REAL before shots.
A gloriously ancient stove and no overhead microwave.
On the right, a porcelain sink with the lip on the counter and I HATE it! Bonus material: a great side shot of my friend:) Also, notice there are no knobs on the drawers. We replaced the handles and added knobs.
Our old refrigerator. Someone was getting ride of it for free and we needed something until we could save up for one. I sold it for $50!

Lovely cream laminate counter tops that get stained extremely easily and drive me crazy and I hate them more then cooked fruit and that's saying something. FYI: I HATE cooked fruit. Apples are the worst. To me fruit should not be excessively soggy. It's a texture thing. If all desserts were pies I would be the skinniest person on earth. HA!

After: We put in new counter tops

an acrylic sink with NO lip.  I am completely happy with how everything turned out! YIPPEE!

Matching appliances all around. Perfect!


Thomas Family said...

wow Brenda that looks seriously awesome! Are you going to try and sell it when you move? Or rent it out?

The Matthews Family said...

That looks so amazing! Good job! I don't know how you are going to leave your house after you are getting it so perfect!

Kimberly said...

oooh ahhhh I love it!!!!

Our Family said...

lucky you, that looks awesome!

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