Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Master Bedroom

I love decorating for holidays.  The rest of the year or everyday decor has me stumped sometimes.  WHY because there is something so permanent about it.  I know you can change it anytime.  But if you invest money and time into it then you want to enjoy it for awhile.  Plus I am frugal.  I want beauty that doesn't cost a ton, which requires patience. 


Vases - From Ross $8 a piece
Iron wall art - Free from my mom
Blue Pillow - Left over fabric from curtains. Pillow form - sale at Hanncock Fabric $4
Tray - Ross $4.50 *** I read once that trays to hold stuff make a desk or night stand not look so cluttered.  
Alarm clock - Had forever.

1 comment:

The Matthews Family said...

I'm surprised by what a big difference those small changes made! Looks great!

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