Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to get Chocolate out of clothing

My husband always tells me I need to start a blog on how to remove stains.  Well I think I will just start sharing some of my trial and errors here about stain removal.
Here's how to get chocolate out of your clothing.

1.  Fill a tub full of COLD water.  Warm water sets stains.  Just enough water to cover the article of clothing.  I have a sink in my laundry room so I fill it with water.  You can buy these tubs in different colors at the dollar store too.

2.  Next put a cap of liquid CALGON WATER SOFTNER in the water.  I buy mine at Target.  Let it soak over night.

3. The next day just put the article of clothing into the washer, wash with cold water, and it will be gone. 

Note:  After  the clothing sits over night the chocolate won't be gone, washing it in the washer gets it out. 
I have had clothing sit for days before I even soak it in soft water and it will still get the chocolate out.  Remember that HEAT SETS STAINS!!!!

*** If you have a water softner then you won't need to add calgon.  Just soak over night in cold water and then wash in cold water the next day.

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