Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pre-Holiday Decluttering

Pears were on sale for 77 cents a pound. So I got a big box and got to work. I dehydrated 2 gallon size zip lock bags!

Then I canned some pear jam. It's kind of runny, but it is my absolute favorite!

With the up coming holidays, I like to do a de-cluttering / organizing act to make room for the new and exciting goodies. To help me with that and future organizing projects, I came up with something that will help make the process easier.

I made 3 labels and taped them on a big plastic bin. Here are my notes to myself to keep me on task!

Put Away- Come on girl, just take the time to put it in the correct place
Donate- Just let go of it already! You haven't used it in three years and you didn't even remember you owed it, but it is still in good shape.
Trash- Time to toss it if it's broken
The fun thing is when I am not using them, I just stack them together and put them in my closet. As I go about daily life, I will sometimes find things to donate. So, I store it in the stacked bins.
You can download all the labels HERE.


Controlling My Chaos said...

I am a big fan of always having a DONATE box. It really works to keep things flowing out of the house.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Love these :)

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