Monday, December 19, 2011

The Secrete to Cleaning Stainless Steal

The word STAINLESS steal makes you think that your stainless steal pots will never get stained. Right!?! Wrong......well until recently.
Remember THIS post. My pan was having some issues and it was not coming clean.
So I asked for help from you guys. I got a few ideas, but until a yesterday nothing was working. Then an angel, whom I would like to hug, left me this comment:

Michele said...
I have stainless steel pans pans look perfect and brand new after lots and lots of cooking...i used to spend a lot of money on cleaners until I discovered magic erasers....that is all you need my friend....i sometimes soak in plain or soapy water ...and that is it

After some rubbing and 1 magic eraser later and my  pan now looks like this again:)!!!!!!
I just can't believe it. THANK YOU again Michele it worked like a charm. You da' bomb sista'!

1 comment:

Michele said...

I am glad it worked! :)

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