Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dairy Substitutes

After reading "The China Study", which I highly recommend you read because it's extremely interesting, I thought I would share some dairy substitutes we use at our house. Having an allergy can be challenging, but you learn to get creative. You would be surprised at how many things have dairy in it so we always have to read the ingredients.

Soy products have hormones in them that children should not have on a regular basis. It also is a natural diuretic. We use rice cheese instead.  It doesn't melt as quickly as dairy cheese, but it is still tasty. Plus, there is no cholesterol in it. And it isn't oily like dairy cheese. LOVE it!

My son and I both hate the taste of soy milk so we use Almond milk. I also really like Rice milk (it is loaded with healthy vitamins) But Almond milk has a lower calorie option that I prefer. You can get 90, 60, or as low as 30. Though I prefer 60;)

For a little treat we LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this Almond milk
If we are making ice cream, we use coconut milk as a dairy substitute. Many stores sell dairy free ice cream, but you have to be careful because not all sorbets are dairy free. It always has a wrapper around the top that says dairy free. This same company also makes a dairy free yogurt which my son loves.

My kids favorite are these ice cream bars. This company also sells dairy free sour cream.
 So these are a few dairy free items we use at our house.

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