Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stick- All Glue Traps

Life with a 2 year old is never boring.  Last night I learned if a Stick-All glue trap gets stuck to something you can use baby oil or vegetable oil to remove it and the sticky residue.  My cute little 2 year old picked one up and stuck it to the closet door.  Yes, I was in the room.  He moves fast people.  It didn't peel the paint off the door thankfully.  The grossest part was there was a few spiders on it.  YUCK!  He smiled and hugged me.  I think kids know when mom's want to send them to grandma's house.  For fear you think I am complaining, I'm not.  Life is good and this little guys is fun, just busy and most messes are my fault for not thinking ahead (or like a 2 year old).  I love to hear other moms tell these stories cause it reminds me that my children are normal and I'm not messing them up.                                     

Some fun things I have seen on Pinterest lately.  I am in the process of making this one right now.  Here's the link to make your own.  I used scrapbook paper to match my kitchen.

Learned a new way to put a bobby pin in.  Who knew it was so easy.

This is the coolest site ever!! Educational games for kids.I love this website for kids.  Tons of educational games.  It's called -

Make balloon ninjas to fight (or shoot w/nerf guns). How fun!This would be fun to do on a cold winter day when we have to stay inside.  Shoot the balloons with a dart gun or just punch them.  You could even pop them when they are all done and collect a clue that is inside, the clue would lead them to a treat or surprise.  Here's the link.

rectangle with two arm holes... easy beach cover-up
I am going to sew some of these, CUTE & so EASY.


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