Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fast, Easy, Cheap Organizing

My son has been complaining about his socks and underwear being in the same drawer as his pajamas. He says they are hard to find. Here is a glorious before of what a drawer looks like after a 6 year old has rummaged through it to find what he needs.


The solution!?! Cutting the lid off a shoe box which makes a natural 3 compartment storage! His socks are inside the shoe box. BOOYAH! For his pajamas we started rolling the shirt with the bottoms so he just has to grab a roll. This helps a lot because now he doesn't have to search through his drawer for a top and bottom and make a mess in the process.

This is a great solution for us because it helps him keep his drawers more organized and he has told me frequently that he loves the way his drawer is organized now;)

Next problem, DVD's. I hate having a zillion DVD cases or having to flip through page after page to find what I am looking for. Plus, we have 3 different containers so it's a pain. Solution: the mammoth sized DVD holder (you can even add more pages).

I put tags on the side to categorize ie: kids, adult, exercise, church, etc 

p.s. I did the same thing with our CD's too.

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lcm @ Those Crafty Sisters said...

We had that sock problem too. We took the inside of a case of wine bottle (the cardboard pieces that criss cross in order to keep the bottles from banging up against each other), cut them in half so they were halve as tall, and they fit perfectly into the sock drawer, with 2-3 pair of socks per space.

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