Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring or Easter Grass

I have these cute metal buckets I usually sprout wheat in this time of year.  Well, I tried grass this year and it's so much tougher and easier to grow.

1. Fill buckets with potting soil

2. Put Grass seed on top of soil.  I bought seed that is quick growing.

 3. Mix the seed into the dirt on top.  I didn't cover all the seed.

4. Water it good.  Then cover with Plastic Wrap and
hold in place with a rubber band.

5. I place it on top of a heat vent in our home for 4 days.
It sprouts and is a yellow color because the room is dark.
You don't have to have a dark room.  Just keep the moisture in.
When  the grass has sprouted and is touching the top of the plastic
 I bring it out where I want the decoration to be.
It doesn't have to be direct sunlight.  Not all seeds will have sprouted.
 If you keep watering it the grass will thicken up and continue to grow.
If you sprout yours in a dark place the grass will turn green in less then 24 hours.


6. Keep watering and trimming it till you don't want it as
a decoration any longer. 

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