Monday, May 31, 2010

Playing Dress Up Part 1

Here we go everybody! The beginning of our dress up party. Today is really simple. We will be putting the pattern pieces together and cutting them out of our fabric. That's it! You should already have the pattern printed out. Just match the letters. This is what the pattern piece should look like when completed.

I recommend starting from the bottom because the top didn't match up when I did it. So I had to draw in some lines.

Here is what the sleeves and collar piece should look like.

Cut out the size you will be making from the pattern. Lay the pieces onto the material. The arrows are pointing to the fold. ***Note: I am using different fabric for this part because I cut out the dress before I decided to the dress up party. Don't be confused when I switch to red corduroy tomorrow:)

Cut out 4 collar pieces from  accent fabric. Cut 2 collar pieces from light weight interfacing.

From accent fabric cut a strip 2 X 45. I am using a red satin. If you are making a sash, cut out a strip 3 X 45.
For contrasting color on bottom of dress, cut out a  4 X 45 inch strip.

That's it for today. Join me tomorrow as we continue our dress up party.

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