Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Beanie

Come one, come all, to the family pumpkin patch. Pumpkins this way.

My friend asked me to help her make hats for their Halloween costumes. They are being a family pumpkin patch. Soooooooooo, cute!  I decided to do a tutorial for you.


Get the pattern for the leaf and stem HERE and HERE.

Cut out pieces using pattern. You will need 2 leaf pieces and 1 stem piece.

Sew around the edges. Leave the end open that will be sewn into the pumpkin. Flip right side out and stuff. I just used left over fleece. Stuff all the way to the bottom and make it really full. It looks better when you sew over some of the stuffing because then the stem and leave will stick up instead of being floppy.

Trace around an old beanie.

Sew around the edges.  Clip around the curve.

Line up the seams and pinch the middle.

Flip right side out and position your stem and leaf.

 Flip wrong side out and sew a small curve at the top. Reinforce where the leaves and stem are (arrows).

Cut excess fabric off.

Flip rights side out and sew seams up the sides around the entire hat. My hat is divided into 6 sections. I had to make 4 seams. This gives it a more realistic pumpkin look:) It also makes the bottom look like it has a slight scalloped edge.

Up tomorrow: making a pumpkin shirt.


Elizabeth said...

That's really cute.

Maria said...

Dear Brenda,
I just seewed it for my little daughter. It is so much fun. Thank you for your inspiring idea and sharing it with us.
Many greetings from Germany

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