Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting Organized Day 6

Well friends, thanks for sticking with us. Tomorrow is the last day of our getting organized series. There will be a great giveaway and some really great ideas so don't miss it!
Today I am bringing you my master bedroom closet makeover. It needed a serious overhaul. It has been one of those projects that has been on my to do list for about 2 years. I am great at procrastinating. Well, let's just dive right in. Here are the hideous before pictures. Did I mention that I am learning to be more organized? So, please be kind;) Mom, look away now. I don't want you to be disappointed in me and wonder where you went wrong! (there is no charge for my hilariousness). Now, at the risk of looking like a slob, which maybe I already do, here are my before pictures. I swear we don't live in total chaos like this....... at least not all the time. HA! 

This part was really easy. I just put the shoes on the shoe rack and put a few things away! Image that, actually putting things away helps things stay organized.

 I have some great plans for these built in shelves. But that requires a trip to Ikea

After: For now they just get organized better.

 In the corners are stuffed random things that really don't belong there.
 This is corner #1

This is the floor of corner #2

 Here are the corners now!
Corner #1

 Corner #2

Complete and utter disaster. You would think we just moved in. We did, like 2 years ago. HA!  Hhhmmmm.... good thing I am working on it.  So, what I would like to focus on is the boxes at the top of the shelf.

 And yes, those are a new package of underwear for my daughter right there.

We have been storing things in the milk boxes from Costco. Hey, we already bought it right!?! I decided to make it look a little better by cutting off the flaps on top and spray painting the outside of the boxes. I tried to do a fun bright red, but it have taken way to many layers to cover the writing on the box. So, I used "hammered" because I had it and wanted to use it up. This took about 2 layers.
Here they are in all their gloriousness (straight from the Made Up Word Dictionary). Looks much better right!?! The correct answer is yes.

While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I made some labels. If you missed the post about making cheap and easy labels go HERE. It's a lot easier to read what's in the boxes now. Before we had just written on the boxes.

That is the beginning of a closet overhaul. There are still somethings I want to do, but I think we can all agree that it looks substantially better. Something I am learning is organizing happens in stages. As I get more organized, I see ways to organize things better. It is a process I don't think I will ever be completely done with. blagh!

My sister told me about this idea. I loved it so much that we now do it! I have a bin for snacks that are proportioned out for my kids in snack baggies. You could use reusable snack containers instead. When they get hungry I let them pick one bag from the snack bin and then fruits and veggies after that. This keeps kids from over eating. This is also very helpful with babysitters. For snacks I just tell them to let each kid pick one bag from the bin. Also, this is perfect for on the go when you need to a snack! We went to Sprouts and I let the kids each pick 3 things they would like for a snack (I veto candy). We do trail mix, pretzels, dried fruit, nut mixes, etc.

After they have one bag, then it's fruits or veggies from then on. I keep the fruit and veggies prepared in the refrigerator. I prepare it the night before so it stays fresh, but makes snack time easier. Plus, it makes it easier for me to eat healthier. Today we had cantaloupe and honeydew, and watermelon. I don't like cantaloupe or honeydew so they went into a different bin today. As you can tell my kids prefer it over watermelon! We are using up our frozen vegetables right now so for veggies I just warm up some veggies. We alternate fruit and veggies. So, if they picked a fruit last time I make them pick a veggie. That way we get both;)

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The Matthews Family said...

Ok, so I have some questions on all of this (also, I can never tell which author I am talking too now! If it says "Brenda" is it Brenda or Brenda's sister? Anyways...). I love the snack ideas! My kids always want the "junk" snacks like goldfish and fruit snacks. I like the idea of one baggie a day! But my questions are about the fruits and veggies. You said you keep them prepared in the fridge. How many snacks to you prep each night? And what do you put them in so they don't go bad? I'm always afraid that if I cut up the fruits or veggies they won't stay fresh for even a couple of hours!

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