Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wonderful Things

Really my sister should be posting about this because she is the one who introduced me to these wonderfully amazing things. I feel so madly in love with them that I had to share with everyone. This is shout it from the roof tops exciting. If you already know about it then pretend to be as excited as I am (or maybe I should say why didn't you tell me earlier!?!)

It is not a sports bra like you think. It actually is used for layering without having to add all the extra layers. Less material means you still get the coverage you need, but is doesn't go all the way down like a normal cami. I am in heaven especially living in an area with such hot weather. These are priceless and come in 9 different colors.

Niki Biki Sports Bra Cami Top
Down east had them with SLEEVES too for sleeveless dress and such! I am beside myself with joy. Except they are sold out:( So, tell them you want it back and hopefully they will get more! I am thinking if you really wanted, you could make your own by cutting the shirt to the length you want, add an elastic bottom, and you are good to go!

Also, here is a little sample with the type of conversations we have at our house:)
N: Mommy where is your daddy?
Me: In Idaho.
N: What did you said?
Me: At home.
N: Mommy say it louder.
Me: (in a louder voice) At home!
N: Louder mommy!
Me: (in an even louder voice) AT HOME!
N: LOUDER!!!!!
N: Mommy, don't yell at me.
At this point Melissa and I just started laughing. Cute girl!

A: Mom and Dad, Trent, in my class, doesn't have any ear wax in his ears!
Me: How do you know that?
A: Because I looked.

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The Matthews Family said...

My kids do that, "What?" "Louder!" "What did you say?" thing to me all the time!!!

And I love the little undershirt! I feel like my tummy gets SO sweaty from all the layers! What a great idea!

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